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Managed Services

From traditional outsourcing to business solutions outsourcing, for Exult it is all about making your business easier.


Exult ManSer

At Exult we believe that it is not just about the savings ManSer can give to its clients. It is the ability to find highly skilled talent faster than finding them locally. It is the agility to choose your pace of ramp-up. It is the facility to have your own team based in an area you don't have an office, yet having complete control over them. It is the confidence that you feel when you know that someone's got your back and will always be there. And lastly, it is the faith that you can always have your vision can be delivered seamlessly. The team of Exult ManSer comes with more than 15 years of experience in setting up and managing various BPO processes including technology outsourcing.

Our list of ManSer clients comprises majorly of Tech startups, that need savings and quality to grow faster. Unlike most Technology Outsourcing companies that provide outsourcing services based on tasks, Exult specializes in building tech products, ground up. This makes our clients feel safe when it comes to their products. Since our talent sourcing division is tasked based on the exact requirement of our clients, each team we build resonates with the personality, culture, and skillset level of our client's home0based team. But since the proof of the pudding is in eating it, we encourage you to write to us and one of our consultants shall set up a no-obligation call or meet with you, to initiate a foundation of a strong business relationship


Human Resources

Managed Human Resourcing is a unique offering where our clients can get to test the talent before they hire, without any legal baggage. To add to it, we are able to pass on a significant cost advantage to our clients during the trial months. Post that, we shall arrange for a smooth transfer of the talent over to the client's organization at a remuneration agreed between the client and the candidate. 

Talent Outsourcing is a simpler and smarter means to form the best team for your business, over a period of time with least possible obligations and Exult will be there to help you out with it, every step of the way. 

Creative Agency

Other  Capabilities

App Screens

Software & Product Development Outsourcing

Do you have a business case or an idea of a new inhouse or customer-facing product? We have the team for you. Exult ManSer Products and Software service is different from Exult Tech. Through ManSer you can own a team reporting to you in another country, just not on your payrolls. This way you enjoy complete control without leaking a lot of money and without worrying about laws and restrictions.  


Technology Support Outsourcing

If you are dealing with Shared Infrastructure like GCP or AWS, we understand that it can get a little exasperating to figure it out or to employ someone experienced with the knowledge at a minimum of USD 60K+ Salary, not mentioning the overheads, which we bet we can do it at less than half with the shared cost of a project manager, so that you can focus on your core business

Coworking Space

Advertising Operations Outsourcing

After the dust settled over the boom of digital media it became clear to the experienced that Ad-Ops is more labor-intensive than it was originally imagined. The core of Advertising is the Creative capabilities and Client Servicing rather than Operating changing interfaces of Media Platforms. Exult ManSer enables you to do just that focus on your core business and let us handle the daunting tasks of daily alterations of Adops.

Travel Apps

Digital Design Outsourcing

It's one thing to build a website, app, or a digital product and a totally different challenge to get a user to use it. It's not just an art but a science to getting users invested in your interface. Exult has mastered the dynamics and not just built but also managed products with continual enhancements by monitoring all the changes in user behavior and evolving the assets accordingly. 

Video Control Board

Creative & Video Production Outsourcing

It's not about getting an advertisement live on Google or Facebook or any other digital media platforms. It's about communication; What, Where, When, and How to communicate is the need of the hour. But to do the right thing in the right measures is what can differentiate between winning and losing. Exult Tech acts as the balancing pole to keeps you firmly balance while you perform your display of funambulism.

Financial Report

Reporting & Analytics Outsourcing

Reporting, M.I.S, Analytics are all insightful and helps take the right business decisions on a daily basis. However, the entire process of creating the output it takes to impact the business is a painful and evolving process. Most businesses try to come up with a template and uses it for years. Exult MSnDer acknowledges that your business problems change every time and so there is a need to change your analytics. 

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